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Can Kids Go To Rock Concerts?

concertParents who love rock bands like Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Imagine Dragons (See here, they’re going on tour: would love to take their kids along with them to rock concerts. I know a lot of parents who already did, and some had a few concerns over it that made them think twice about doing it again soon. Here are some:

Loud Noise

Is the loud noise in rock concerts friendly to 11-year old pair of ears? Maybe not. Rock concerts tend to have noise that range from 90 to 150 decibels, which are as loud as or louder than a running lawn mower or chain saw. If kids are exposed to high level of noise at an early age, there is a high chance that they will develop hearing ailments earlier than other kids. If you still insist on tagging your kid along, stand at the back so the noise is relatively lower.

Rowdy Crowd

Adult attendees of rock concerts sometimes come out of the general admission with bruised arms, how much more will a kid? If you’ll take your kid with you, don’t put them on the general admissions area. Keep them at the back or at the reserved seats or anywhere with less wild humans going to and fro. Also never leave your kid alone as they may well be trampled by the mass of excited fans. Not such a friendly image, is it? It seems like a matter of common sense but a lot of parents do this.

Other Inappropriate Activities

Your kid will also be exposed to alcohol drinking and cigarette and pot smoking. That’s a reality in rock concerts that you have to deal with. You will not, of course, let them near those who smoke pot or cigarette but there is still a good chance that they will inhale the harmful chemicals present in these substances. Stuff like nicotine, ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide are chemicals your child should not be exposed to at least in early age.

The Verdict

It all boils down to your ability to care for your kid during the concert. If you can assure that you will not neglect your kid and let him/her be exposed to the harmful stuff mentioned above, then attending a rock concert can be a great bonding for you.

Music and How it Affects our Daily Lives

musical_languageMost people consider music as a very important part of their daily lives. There are some people who rely on music to wake up every morning full of energy and determination. Some people use it to express what they feel. Music can be brought everywhere and that is with the help of technology through portable devices that can play music such as Mp3 players, iPod, and smart phones.

Music identifies a person’s mood

A lot of people say that they usually relate to a certain song. When someone listens to a happy song, it can mean two things: either he is in the mood for something fun to do or he is forcing himself to forget something that makes him feel sad. Listening to a sad song gives other people an idea that someone is suffering from heartbreak or is feeling a bit sentimental at that very moment. Just like what people say, “Music says the words that the mouth can’t.”

Music as therapy

Music in general has therapeutic effects. Based on Chinese studies, the meridian systems and other five internal organs of the human body have corresponding musical tones which are being used to trigger healing. In able to make it work, the person listening to music should love what he’s listening into because appreciation for melody has something to do with relaxing the body and mind. If you will notice, spas and other massage centers usually play instrumental music during sessions because their main goal is to provide comfort and relaxation to their guests.

Music for infants and toddlers

Experts say that making unborn babies listen to soft and soothing music while inside their mother’s womb helps the child feel more relaxed and less agitated. Music is also a part of receptive methods used in aiding kids for reading and language development. There are several illnesses that music can treat like depression, autism, and dementia.

While some people need music for treating illnesses, most of us just love it the way it is. Idolizing different bands and artists is normal, and what better way to go is watching a Bruno Mars concert. Check out for affordable tickets.

The Power of Music on Neurological Disabilities

tumblr_mdedy3wPYb1r2kl04o1_500-2Neurological disability or disorder is any the abnormality found in the structural, biochemical, or electrical aspects of the nervous system. There are a lot of disorders of this type and it can overlap with other abnormalities found in the body. Examples of this disorder are Parkinson’s disease, Tourette’s Syndrome, migraine, vertigo, and a host of other more disabling illnesses.

Some of these disorders can be prevented or treated but there is little or no known cure. Therapies, neurorehabilitation, medication, operations, or lifestyle changes can be done to mitigate its effects or make life easier for the patients.

One treatment that helps is the Music Therapy. The Spastic Society of Tamil Nadu in Chennai, India, has proven that music helps their patients, especially the children, ease their stress and calm down. The Society caters to more than 1,500 children who have this disorder and the use music as part of their curriculum. It has been observed that a tone or note had a calming effect to one’s body and mind, this research helped them in improving the emotional, psychological, and physiological wellness of their little patients. This year, the Society will organize a classical musical show entitled ‘Yagnaseni’ for the children. The children will perform during the show, the dance not only improved their mobility and flexibility but it also improved their self-esteem and lifts their mood. The proceeds for this show will go the Society and will help further their research on music and other therapies that might help the children.

Music Therapy does not only help the children but the adults as well. While they might not be able to go to, book tickets, and enjoy a concert, they can still enjoy listening to one at their homes, therapy centers, or anywhere else.

Why is This Possible Through Music?

Music provides rhythm that is responsible for stimulating and organizing a series of movements. Through focusing on the rhythm provided by music there could be an improvement in doing the most basic movements that might have been lost because of the disorder. This also helps in improving cognitive processes through following the tempos and patterns created by music.

When Fashion and Health do not Collide

katyperry---zWe thing that celebrities have it easy; they have cash, cars and clothes. They are famous and everyone loves them. But do we know what happens behind the camera and the sacrifices they have made for their chosen profession? Most of us do not, because we never look beyond what is shown to us. They also have experienced risks in security, health and well-being. They do have doctors and specialists at their disposal but some of these health risks are irreversible and sometimes it is too late before they find out.

When You Thought it was Just a Cinch

What you thought was a simple numbness on your leg due to too much walking sometimes can lead to a more serious condition; this numbness can become permanent and can affect your daily life. A neurologist’s first questions would not be on the distance of your normal trek but would be on the clothes you wear. Tight clothes, tight belts, tight pants and any other tight garments can cause numbness to the legs. Wearing a cinch, which is common to office people, can tighten a nerve that runs from the abdomen to the outer thigh, this condition is called the meralgia paresthetica, commonly seen in policemen with gun belts and ballet dancers in tight tutus.

Jeans That Cause Heartburn

Are you fond of wearing tight jeans that leave no room for breathing? True that it is nice to look at or good for the self-esteem however, wearing very tight jeans can cause heartburn, interfere with digestion and distension. These tight clothes can cause nerve compression and digestive issues.

Being a Tad too High

Bunions are usually seen in the feet of Hollywood actresses, why? Because most Hollywood actress would wear sky-high heels with little or very thin foundation. This would also shorten Achilles tendons that would make wearing flats very uncomfortable. If you are fond of going to concerts you can access Katy Perry Zone, and look at katy perry costume designs, you will see how uncomfortable the costumes are and yet they need to wear them for publicity. Even wearing flats are not advisable since they offer no support; in fact, all footwear with no arching support can cause damage to our feet.

Always remember to wear comfortable clothes, they may not e the latest fad but they will surely be a good investment for your health.

What Not to Do to Get a 6-pack Abs

The web is flooded with several articles, videos and images on how to get 6-packs. Men are so obsessed on having a body that is to die for. Though there are several tips available on how to get that wonderful abs, the truth is that you should also avoid doing some things to achieve your goal. Here are the don’ts that you have to remember:

  1. Don’t expect to see a body that looks exactly like the guy you see on TV or in magazines. Men don’t necessarily have the same form and shape even if they work out hard. You should be realistic to avoid ending up with disappointments in the end.
  2. Don’t focus on 2 different aspects of workout at the same time. If you wish to get more defined abs, you have to make sure that you work on that are for the entire session. You can deal with your chest and leg areas the next time around.
  3. Don’t do a crash diet. Some people think that when they eat less, they can easily form 6-packs. The truth is that your abs will only be formed if you have enough muscle mass. Thus, you also need to eat more. As long as you eat protein rich dishes, you are good to go.
  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Yes, you want to achieve the results fast, but you also don’t want to be injured. You don’t want to have a great body that you cannot display since you have been totally injured. It takes time to achieve the goal. There is no need to rush.

By avoiding these things, you are assured of great results soon. If you have already achieved your goals, take time to treat yourself on a concert by booking a ticket via