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Dogs With Children Around

kids children dogs friends faces 1280x1024 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_68 (1)Everybody loves dogs, especially young children. However, according to statistics about 10% of the total population has pet allergies and 30% of people with asthma are also allergic to pet hair. So before looking for and getting a pet, make sure that the pet does not have allergens that could trigger your children’s asthma.

We always thought that allergies are caused by our beloved dogs’ furs but it is not. However, our pets have protein in some parts of their body like dead skin, saliva, and urine that causes the allergies and when our pets lick their furs these proteins are transferred to it. Thus, our children could suffer asthma when they lie beside our dogs or play with them. Remember that even though certain breeds of dogs do not shed they could still trigger asthma because their fur collects dust and other foreign objects.

It may be hard to let a pet stay outside most of the time but doctors would say that it is okay for your child to have interaction with the dog but with just a limited time. Just make sure that there are stocked prescribed medicines at home in case of asthma. And to prevent asthma, you must also be diligent in keeping your homes clean.

Buy vacuums with HEPA air cleaners to get rid of these allergens, you could uy these air cleaners separate from the vacuums or you could check for the best vacuum cleaners for your home.

Groom your dog every week but do not let your child do it, ask someone else to bathe them and brush them.

Keep the dogs away from the bedroom and carpets because these are the places where the allergens could stick and this is where the children mostly play and sleep.

Before getting a dog, always think of its needs as well as your family’s. Look at sites like to provide the pets the best dog food for them, and also check with your family physician if keeping a dog is okay. Lastly, make sure that this decision has been thought through by other family members.