Best Home Remedies for Excruciating Back Pain

backPainYou’ve been sitting in front of your computer for hours. Nothing could seem to disturb what you’re doing since you’re rushing a project, and you’ve got a deadline to beat. After hours of working, your eyes become droopy, and you’d like nothing more than to stand up and go straight to bed.

Alas! You can’t seem to move your body. It seems you’ve been paralyzed from waist down. You feel nothing but the excruciating back pain! Now, what will you do?

This is actually a common scenario since the dawn of computers and the Internet world. It’s a good thing that there are several home remedies that you can make use of to alleviate the pain in your back.


There are two purposes of stretching. First, it limbers up your tense muscles. Second, it strengthens muscular parts that require some help. Stretching could really help ease your back pain, but this would all depend on the particular cause and location of your back pain. One important thing that you should remember when it comes to stretching – if it hurts, stop! If you force a stretch, there’s a greater risk involved, and you’d certainly be causing more harm than good. Stretching should be gentle.

Fix How You Sit

Though sitting for long periods may be far worse than you realize, you’ve got to minimize its impact, and this can be done by sitting properly. Proper posture while sitting in your chair would mean having all the spinal bones lined up neatly, just like the Jenga game. Keep your feet on the floor. Your computer keyboard has to be within an easy reach for you not to lean forward.

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Proper Sleeping Position

It’s best to sleep on your back. Spending one or two nights on the floor with one pillow under your feet can help your back, although it might be a little difficult to stay sound asleep. On the other hand, if you are a side sleeper, it’s best that you place the pillow in between your knees. This will boost muscle relaxation. But if you’re a stomach sleeper, you really have to stop being such!

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