Can Kids Go To Rock Concerts?

concertParents who love rock bands like Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Imagine Dragons (See here, they’re going on tour: would love to take their kids along with them to rock concerts. I know a lot of parents who already did, and some had a few concerns over it that made them think twice about doing it again soon. Here are some:

Loud Noise

Is the loud noise in rock concerts friendly to 11-year old pair of ears? Maybe not. Rock concerts tend to have noise that range from 90 to 150 decibels, which are as loud as or louder than a running lawn mower or chain saw. If kids are exposed to high level of noise at an early age, there is a high chance that they will develop hearing ailments earlier than other kids. If you still insist on tagging your kid along, stand at the back so the noise is relatively lower.

Rowdy Crowd

Adult attendees of rock concerts sometimes come out of the general admission with bruised arms, how much more will a kid? If you’ll take your kid with you, don’t put them on the general admissions area. Keep them at the back or at the reserved seats or anywhere with less wild humans going to and fro. Also never leave your kid alone as they may well be trampled by the mass of excited fans. Not such a friendly image, is it? It seems like a matter of common sense but a lot of parents do this.

Other Inappropriate Activities

Your kid will also be exposed to alcohol drinking and cigarette and pot smoking. That’s a reality in rock concerts that you have to deal with. You will not, of course, let them near those who smoke pot or cigarette but there is still a good chance that they will inhale the harmful chemicals present in these substances. Stuff like nicotine, ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide are chemicals your child should not be exposed to at least in early age.

The Verdict

It all boils down to your ability to care for your kid during the concert. If you can assure that you will not neglect your kid and let him/her be exposed to the harmful stuff mentioned above, then attending a rock concert can be a great bonding for you.

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